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Product introduction
Jiangxi elevator projectThe rated load of this elevator is 13 people, can not carry the operation, please take the initiative to exit。
The passenger elevator can not often be used as a cargo elevator, and flammable and explosive goods are not allowed to be loaded。
When the elevator occurs abnormal phenomenon or failure, it should be maintained, you can call the rescue phone in the car, must not arbitrarily pry the door and attempt to escape from the car。
Passengers are not allowed to rely on the car door, are not allowed to smoke and litter in the car, and keep the car clean and sanitary。
Passengers should take good care of the elevator facilities, and should not randomly press the button and pry the car door。
The driver shall strictly perform his duties, shall not stay away from the post during the operation of the elevator, and shall deal with and report the fault in time。
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